We Are Visual Planet

Visual Planet is the International Company who is setting the standards of Visual Representation for a wide variety of industry sectors and locations. Our passion and skill as photographers and video producers is apparent in every work we create. With help of our professional skills we cover for a wide range of commercial and non-commercial sectors, including hotels and resorts, various properties, restaurants, places of tourist interest, national parks and reserves, museums. We pride ourselves on our personal service to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.

Let`s Do It Together

Russia, India, Mongolia, Thailand, Finland and other Countries of Scandinavia, Europe and Middle East. Oceania with New Zealand. Africa and America... Everything of that are our interests. With the group of professionals we are going to cover for you each of 258 countries our small Earth. There are no borders for us. We have opened them with Visual Planet project!

Visual Planet plan

Our Services

  • Visual Marketing
  • Photography and Videography
  • Social and Culture Programs
  • Eco and Adventure Tourism
  • Business Tourism
  • Advertising

Visual Planet Departments

We are a team of professionals in various fields of activity.
Visual Planet team wins the summits and down to the ocean floor, is developing new untrodden paths in the wilds of impenetrable jungle
and floates down the wild rivers of the world.
Our experts are studying the culture and customs of the peoples of the world, collecting the crumbs of the best of their heritage.

The Main Directions of Visual Planet Team:
Photo & Video

360° Virtual Tours
Wedding Photo & Video
Travel Photo
Fashion Photo

Visual Marketing

360° Virtual Tours
Hotel Promoting
Visual Marketing
Web Design

Culture Projects

Culture programs
Social programs
Educational programs
Folk Festivals
Exchange projects

Travel & Adventure

Eco Tourism
Adventure Tourism
Health Tours
Business Tourism
Photo Travel